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John DellaBadia, Jr., MD, ABSM, Medical Director, Sleep Medicine

We are honored to have Dr. John DellaBadia as part of the Feeling Great Sleep Center's team of world-class professionals and dedicated health care specialists.

Dr. John DellaBadia believes that the patient is the most important factor in the medical process and puts them at the center of all care and treatment. He regularly consults with referring physicians to develop coordinated treatment plans that include state-of-the-art clinical evaluation, education, and long-term follow-up care for patients with obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. 

Dr John DellaBadia

Dr. DellaBadia, has evaluated and treated thousands of children and adults with sleeping disorders and epilepsy over the last two decades. A specialist in clinical neurophysiology, he completed his residency training at Pennsylvania State University in 1994 and a two year fellowship at Wake Forest University in 1996. Board certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Neurology, he is also a member of several highly recognized medical societies and has authored and co-authored numerous peer-reviewed sleep publications.

Before joining our team at Feeling Great Sleep Medical Centers, Dr. DellaBadia was a member of the neurology faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU) in New Orleans. In addition to training medical students, neurology residents, and fellows in sleep medicine and neurology, he also served as Medical Director of the Epilepsy and EEG labs.

Professional colleagues of Dr. John DellaBadia state all patients are treated in a caring and compassionate manner by him. He is highly recommended as an expert in the field of sleep medicine.

Dr. DellaBadia's extensive knowledge in both the clinical and education aspects of sleep medicine enhances his position as Medical Director of the Sleep Centers.

Dr. John DellaBadia lives in Raleigh with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing and coaching baseball. His research interests include the effects of sleep deprivation in children, sleep related aspects of epilepsy, and circadian rhythms.

Kathe Henke, PhD, Diplomate ABSM

We are honored to have Dr. Kathe Henke as part of the Feeling Great Sleep Center's team of world-class professionals and dedicated health care specialists.

Dr. Kathe Henke brings over 30 years of experience in sleep medicine to Feeling Great Sleep Medical Center. Her sleep disorders expertise is demonstrated by the achievement of board-certification in sleep medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Henke earned her Ph.D. in Respiratory Physiology from the University of Wisconsin and performed her post-doctoral research and clinical training in sleep disorders at the University of Sydney in Australia. She was an associate professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and director of the Harborview Sleep Laboratory. Prior to joining Feeling Great, she was director of the sleep lab for Sleep Disorders of Virginia.

Dr. Henke’s main goal at Feeling Great is improving the lives of her patients and providing the highest quality, patient-focused care for a wide range of sleep disorders. She takes time to listen to her patients and educates them about their sleep concerns. In addition, she is actively involved in educating medical professionals and the public about sleep and sleep disorders.Dr. Henke served on the Board of the American Sleep Apnea Association, a patient advocacy group, for over 20 years. The Association promotes education and research to help individuals understand and manage sleep apnea.  She has also served on American Academy of Sleep Medicine committees including acting as a site visitor for sleep centers and sleep technician training programs. As a result of her work with AASM, Dr. Henke received recognition of devoted and outstanding service to the field of sleep medicine. Due to her strong leadership capabilities, Dr. Henke also served as a past president of the Virginia Academy of Sleep Medicine and has been on the faculty of several sleep medicine programs.

Outside of sleep medicine, Dr. Henke’s other passions are working out, baking, and volunteering.

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