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In order to get to the bottom of your sleeping issues - whether you have general sleep complaints, serious sleeping disorders, or sleep hygiene issues - we encourage you to schedule a private consultation with one of our board-certified sleep physicians.

If you... 

  • Have trouble falling, or staying, asleep
  • Sleep Physician Consultation Examining and Explaining Results of Sleep Disorder Tests

    Sleep Physician Consultation Examining and Explaining Results of Sleep Disorder Tests

    Snore loudly and / or stop breathing while sleeping
  • Feel excessively tired or fatigued during the day
  • Fall asleep at inappropriate times
  • Feel the need to move your legs while sleeping, or
  • Have any questions or concerns about how well you sleep

During your time with our sleep specialist he or she will review your answers to a detailed sleep and medical history questionnaire (which we'll ask you to fill out at home prior to your first visit). This includes questions concerning your:

  • Circadian rhythms
  • Sleep environment (e.g. your bedroom and sleeping partners)
  • Food and beverage consumption
  • Emotional background
  • Intrusive nighttime thought processes 
  • Level of daytime sleepiness, loss of focus, mood, and memory

After this, you'll be given a brief physical exam (e.g. your blood pressure, height, weight, and general physical well-being will be recorded) and based on all of these factors - and any additional information you'd like to share -  our physician will offer you next-step options. These include a sleep study referral, behavioral changes, and / or medications.

If you'd like to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our board-certified sleep physicians, you can either use our online Appointment Request Form or call us toll-free at: 866-499-1588.

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