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Female Demonstrating How a CPAP Face Mask is Installed and Used

Female Demonstrating How a CPAP Face Mask is Installed and Used

In addition to offering testing and diagnosis services, Feeling Great Sleep Centers also provide appropriate treatment (mostly in the form of CPAP / BiPAP therapy) for our patients with sleeping disorders, such as sleep apnea.

Depending on the results of your testing and subsequent diagnosis, your doctor – whether he or she is one of our center’s board-certified sleep physicians or your personal physician - will provide you with recommendations for treating your sleeping disorder.

Happy Family Having Fun Outside

Happy Family Having Fun Outside

For example, many of our patients suffer from sleep apnea - an all-too-common and very serious sleeping disorder. In the vast majority of these cases, their physicians prescribe CPAP / BiPAP therapy, which is very effective in treating this dangerous medical condition.

However, patients who been diagnosed with other sleeping disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, or excessive daytime sleepiness may be treated using a variety of methods including lifestyle changes, position therapy, medications, oral appliances, and / or other surgical procedures (performed by our board-certified sleep physicians, dentists, or ENT specialists).

In order to be treated with CPAP / BiPAP therapy, one of Feeling Great's physicians or your personal doctor must issue a Certificate of Medical Necessity, or CMN. This "prescription" contains specific information regarding the type of therapy you'll receive as well as critical information about recommended equipment, supplies, pressure settings, and more.

Feeling Great Sleep Centers not only provide top-notch consultation, testing, diagnosis, and treatment services, but we also ensure that they're delivered in the most affordable, convenient, and stress-free way possible.

That's why we offer ...

  • State-of-the-art equipment and supplies – Feeling Great Respiratory Equipment stocks the most up-to-date and popular CPAP / BiPAP equipment and supplies. And with our free CPAP / BiPAP mask exchange program our patients can change out their masks for new ones during the first month of their therapy! All they have to do is bring their old ones to one of our conveniently located facilities and we'll trade it up!
  • Helpful “extras” - In addition to our comfortable exam rooms, helpful and qualified staff, state-of-the-art sleep testing centers, and all-in-one sleep disorder care, we also have plenty of great extras. Our patients can also take advantage of our comprehensive patient education program, free equipment and calibration services, and troubleshooting guides.
  • Convenient locations - Patients can pick up their equipment and supplies in person at one of our convenient clinic locations. (And it won't be long before they'll be able to order them from our new online CPAP /BiPAP equipment and supplies store, which will be coming soon!)
  • Experienced respiratory therapists and registered sleep technologists. Our staff is also available by phone (even better, all calls are answered by a "live" person - not a machine!) to answer your questions thoroughly.

  • Regular one-, three-, six-, and nine-month follow-up appointments. Since we know that our patients' paths to recovery are dependent on how well they transition into their CPAP treatment plans (and that some of our patients find this process easier than others) we schedule all of our CPAP / BiPAP therapy patients for follow-up visits one, three, six, and nine months into their treatment. Not only does this benefit our patients’ health, but it also means that their insurance carriers are far more likely to approve their treatment expenses.

    If you are already a CPAP / BiPAP user, please visit the CPAP and BiPAP User Support area on this website for more information and helpful tools and resources.

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