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If you, or someone you love, is experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, you may be one of the millions of Americans who suffer from sleeping disorders. 

Therefore, if you...

  • Regularly snore while sleeping
  • Are concerned about your sleep amount or quality of the sleep you're getting
  • Have trouble falling, or staying, asleep
  • Often feel fatigued or very sleepy during the day
  • Wake up gasping for breath
  • Have troubling nightmares or sleepwalk
  • Feel like you need to constantly move your legs - particularly while sleeping
  • Fall asleep at inappropriate times
  • Have difficulty staying awake while driving 

    ... you may have a serious sleeping disorder and should be evaluated and tested to determine the precise cause of your sleeping problems. 

    Diagnostic sleep studies are painless medical tests that are designed to do just this. 

    Briefly, a sleep study, or baseline polysomnogram (PSG), is a multiple-component digital test that electronically transmits – and records – information on your physical activities during sleep. This data is then reviewed and analyzed by of our center's board-certified physician, who will determine whether or not you have a sleeping disorder.

    Snoring and Sleep Disorders, Sleep Apnea Testing, evaluation and solutions

    Snoring and Sleep Disorders, Sleep Apnea Testing, evaluation and solutions

    In addition to the baseline PSG we also conduct several additional types of polysomnographic studies. They are:

    • Diagnostic Overnight Sleep Study (PSG) - This is a general monitoring and evaluation study that diagnoses or rules out sleep apnea. 
    • CPAP Titration Study - If, after PSG testing, moderate or severe sleep apnea is diagnosed, patients return for a second overnight study, so their CPAP pressure levels can be adjusted appropriately and to ensure that their therapy is as effective as possible.   
    • Split-Night Sleep Study (Baseline PSG plus CPAP Titration) - Split-night studies are conducted when moderate or severe sleep apnea has been observed (according to AASM guidelines) during the first half of an overnight PSG test. In these situations, our sleep technologists perform CPAP titrations during the second half of the night (see explanation above). 
    • MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test) - These tests - used to diagnose narcolepsy - measure our patients' levels of daytime sleepiness. MSLTs are conducted during the day following overnight sleep studies.
    • MWT (Maintenance Wakefulness Test)- This test is generally conducted to ensure that therapy is effective for patients - particularly commercial drivers and shiftworkers - who have been diagnosed with sleeping disorders.

    Feeling Great Sleep Center's Sleep Disorder Testing Process

    You can either schedule a consultation appointment with one of our board-certified sleep physicians (who can determine if you need a sleep study) or your personal physician can send us a referral for a sleep study. 

    After we receive a sleep study referral from either source, one of our patient care consultants will contact you directly by phone,  to obtain more information and schedule your appointment.

    Once your sleep study is completed, we will send the results directly to your doctor (the one who referred you for your sleep study) or one of our center's board-certified physicians. This usually occurs within 72 hours of testing.

    As an additional convenience, we will also mail you a copy of your sleep study so you can refer to it, if needed.

    Feeling Great Sleep Centers: State-Of-The-Art Medical Facilities with Designer Home-Away-From-Home Comforts

    Feeling Great Sleep Centers Offer Relaxed and Home-Like Atmospheres.

    Feeling Great Sleep Centers Offer Relaxed and Home-Like Atmospheres.

    We understand how stressful it can be for some of our patients to spend a night away from their comfortable homes - especially for medical studies. 

    That's why we've worked hard to ensure that our patients are not only getting leading-edge testing and treatment, but that they do so in warm, elegant, and comfortable environments - not in sterile hospital rooms or unwelcoming hotels.

    We're confident that you'll find our sleep centers - conveniently located in Durham, Jacksonville, and Burlington, North Carolina - so comfortable that you may even feel like you're on vacation!

    What Else You Can Expect...

    When you arrive for your study, your sleep technologist will spend as much time as you need to answer your questions and guide you through the testing process.

    Additionally your testing room will be clean and private, and you'll  rest contently on one of our double- or queen-sized beds, which are all fitted with top-of-the-line pillows and bedding. The majority of our rooms also have recliners so you can kick back and relax before your study begins.

    You'll also be offered an assortment of beverages and snacks prior to bedtime, and your morning will begin with a light continental breakfast.

  • So please call us toll-free at: 866-499-1588, so we can help you get the good night's sleep you deserve. 

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