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Feeling Great Sleep Centers is proud of our decade-long history of helping North Carolina residents overcome their sleeping disorders. We could never have accomplished this without our dedicated staff of physicians, respiratory therapists, sleep technologists, management team, and patient care consultants - many of whom are pictured below. 

Education is important to our employees and we continuously seek to provide best practices in our daily operation. Commitment, enthusiasm, and clinical expertise provide ongoing motivation and support for Feeling Great staff. 

The Feeling Great team works with patients and the community to be the provider of your all-in-one sleep solution. We are committed to building on past successes while enhancing and expanding the quality of services we provide. Our Mission and Vision statements support these goals.


Our Feeling Great! Sleep Medical Center Dream Team will provide Leading Edge Testing and Patient Centered Care to every community we serve with a commitment of being the greatest “All in One Sleep Solution” for our patients to receive Doctor Consultations, Sleep Diagnostic Testing and CPAP equipment. Our Dream Team will research, educate and teach OSA treatment plans to keep our patients Feeling Great!


The Feeling Great! Sleep Medical Center will become regarded as the best and the most sought after “All in One Sleep Solution” for patients suffering from Sleep Disorders.

Our Team

Our Core Values

  • Outstanding patient care: Feeling Great's  foundation is built on our commitment to professional, ethical, and  compassionate care for our patients. We work hard each and every day to ensure  we exceed our patients' expectations 100% of the time, and everyone on the  Feeling Great team is empowered to "do whatever it takes" to make this happen. 
  • Team Work: We understand that our staff of  professionals is our biggest asset. They are the "heart" of Feeling Great Sleep  Centers and we therefore, recruit and hire only top-notch men and women who  possess the skills, attitudes, values, and experience that will enhance our  patients' experiences and contribute positively to our work environment.
  • Integrity: Our team of professionals share our  commitment to treating everyone - team members, patients, colleagues,  contractors, etc. - with the highest level of respect and honesty regardless of  difference in personal qualities, such as gender, race, religion, status, and  political views. Feeling Great and all of its team members value diversity of  all kinds and recognize that greatness is achieved through open exchanges of  divergent points of view.
  • Accountability: While Feeling Great Sleep  Center's employees are provided with the tools, direction, and training they  need to perform effectively in our team-based environment, they also recognize  that they are individually accountable for their ultimate success. They  therefore, accept their responsibilities willingly and act in the best interest  of their colleagues, their patients, themselves, and their families. 
  • Embrace Challenge: Feeling Great's employees  welcome opportunities to grow and stretch themselves personally and  professionally and meet all challenges with open minds, flexible attitudes, and  resourceful thinking. They give positive - but candid - feedback to their team  members, proactively offer new ideas for solving pressing problems, and are  eager
  • to learn new skills and take on bigger responsibilities.
  • Stewardship: Our team of professionals accept  their responsibilities to act as representatives for the sleep medical industry  as a whole, and Feeling Great Sleep Centers more specifically. As such, they  distinguish themselves as experts by offering sound guidance to everyone they  come in contact with - at work or home. 
  • Loyalty: Feeling Great employees are reliable,  trustworthy, dedicated, and faithful. The treat their colleagues, patients, and  team members with the utmost respect and consideration and embrace - and  demonstrate - their commitment to Feeling Great's vision, mission, and core  values

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Durham: 919-477-1588
Toll Free: 866-499-1588

Fax Durham: 919-477-1688
Fax Toll Free: 866-499-1288

Sleep Medical Center Locations: Durham, Burlington, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Feeling Great Respiratory Equipment: Oxygen, CPAP / BiPAP, Nebulizers

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