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John DellaBadia, Jr., MD, ABSM, Medical Director, Neurology

Dr. John DellaBadiaWe are honored to have Dr. John DellaBadia as part of the Feeling Great Sleep Center's team of world-class professionals and dedicated health care specialists.

Dr. John DellaBadia’s expertise in clinical neurophysiology, sleep medicine, and epilepsy earned him the title “Medical Director” of the Sleep Medical Centers. Dr. DellaBadia completed his neurology residency training at Pennsylvania State University in 1994 and also completed a two-year fellowship at Wake Forest University in 1996 where he honed his skills in epilepsy, sleep medicine, and EEG monitoring. He is board certified by the prestigious American Board of Sleep Medicine, the American Academy of Neurology, and a member of highly recognized medical societies.

Dr. John DellaBadia giving Health Fair Lecture

Dr. DellaBadia was a member of the Neurology Faculty at Louisiana State University. Since 1996, he has compassionately evaluated and treated thousands of children and adults with sleeping disorders and epilepsy. Serving as the Medical Director of the Epilepsy and EEG labs, he trained numerous medical students, neurology residents, and fellows in sleep medicine and neurology. He is also an active researcher who studies the effects of sleep deprivation in children and sleep-related factors of epilepsy and circadian rhythms.

Dr. DellaBadia has won the hearts and minds of his patients and his sleep medicine colleagues who recognize that he is one of the top experts and thought-leaders in the field of sleep medicine.

As the Medical Director of Feeling Great Sleep Centers, Dr. DellaBadia provides patient-centered care and consultations for patients with all types of sleeping disorders. He appreciates and recognizes that clinical evaluation combined with a long term follow-up care plan is essential for appropriate patient care. 

Dr. John DellaBadia lives in Raleigh, North Carolina – where he is an active member of his community. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. On weekends, you are likely to find Dr. DellaBadia coaching – or playing – his favorite sport, baseball.

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