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As part of our commitment to providing our patients, employees, referral coordinators, and referring physicians with the most accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of sleeping disorders - such as, the latest developments and what's on the horizon; answers to your most pressing questions; and more - we offer two distinct types of learning forums for you and your staff.

We conduct our stress-free, informative learning seminars in our referring physicians' offices (usually in a lunch or break room) in / around the Durham, Burlington, and Jacksonville, NC metro areas. Please let us know if you'd like to schedule one for your practice.

These are fun, educational, and interactive sessions for your practice's physicians, nurses, referral coordinators, and other staff members.  Additionally, we're happy to schedule "after-five" supper meetings at local restaurants for larger groups of physicians (10 or more).

Here are some high-level details on both seminar programs:


Feeling Great Sleep Medical Centers, North Carolina, Health Booth

Feeling Great Sleep Medical Centers, North Carolina, Health Booth

  • Normally scheduled at least three weeks in advance (longer – up to 2.5 months - if a physician's attendance is required) we will bring lunch – including sandwiches, salads, and drinks – for all attendees.
  • One of Feeling Great's Sleep Centers' expert staff members will conduct your lunch-and-learn, however, one of our center physicians will be happy to attend if requested and warranted.
  • Depending on your needs, our time together can be formal, or more informal. For example, we can conduct Q&A sessions with small or large groups, deliver a detailed presentation on a given topic, or do something entirely different.
  • We will bring all support materials, such as brochures, graphics, visuals and gear our discussion to your specialty such as, internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, OB / GYN, and the like.

Physician Lectures

  • One of our center's physicians and sleep medicine experts will present a sleep-related topic of your choosing.
  • Lectures are normally scheduled at least 2.5 months in advance.
  • CME credits are available, but must be set up in advance by the requesting physician practice.
    Dentist Forum, Feeling Great Sleep Medical Centers Lunch and Learn Venue

    Dentist Forum, Feeling Great Sleep Medical Centers Lunch and Learn Venue

Next Steps:

  1. Call 866-499-1588 or send us an email if you'd like to schedule a date for your event.  Please send your email to:
  2. Please provide the following information:
  • Number of people who will attend.
  • The approximate dimensions of your meeting room.
  • The types of information you'd like to learn.
  • Your preferred presentation style.
  • Lunch preferences.

That's all there is to it! We sincerely hope that you'll take advantage of these wonderful learning opportunities, and give us a call today!

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