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In this section of our referral coordinator support area, you'll find practical information about our processes, links to referral form generators, and more. All of these resources and tools are designed to help you help your patients and make your jobs much, much easier.

Here's just some of tools and resources we have available for you.

Sleep Study Referral Forms and Equipment Prescriptions

Below are links to our standard referral / prescription forms. Each can be printed and filled in by hand OR the requested information can be filled out online, printed, and faxed to us at: 866-499-1288 (or you may use our local fax number: 919-477-1688).

Once completed, fax the appropriate form to us at: 919-477-1688, and we'll take care of the rest! In other words, after we receive your referrals we will follow up directly with your patients to:

  • Confirm their insurance benefits.
  • Schedule appointments, as necessary.
  • Obtain detailed sleep histories.
  • Answer any / all questions they may have about our practice or procedures.
  • Ensure that they have all of our contact information and know where and how to obtain more help if needed.

Sleep Apnea Screening Tools

Below you'll find links to popular sleep apnea screening tools. They can be saved to your desktop and printed out for use by your practice's physicians. For additional sleep apnea screening tools, simply click on one or more of the links below:

Insurance Information

For your convenience, the table below provides a quick reference – and partial - list of the types of insurance cover we accept. Check out our complete list of accepted insurance carriers on this website.

Well Path
Tricare Alliance
Blue Cross / Blue ShieldPrima
CignaUnited Health Care
Secure HorizonsAetna
GEHANational Association of Letter Carriers

What if Patients Who Need CPAP Do Not Qualify for Insurance Coverage?

Some patients who will benefit from CPAP for sleep-disordered breathing, do not meet the Medicare or private insurer coverage criteria. These include patients who experience frequent arousals due to labored breathing, but no desaturations; patients with high respiratory disturbance indexes(RDI), and low AHIs (apnea / hypopnea index); and patients with URRS (upper respiratory resistance syndrome) but low AHIs and / or RDIs.

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